Aquaberry Accent Ro

Product description

  • Name: Aquaberry Accent Ro
Product Manual

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  • RO technology
  • Wall Mounting
  • Health in each drop
  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Complete protection
  • Safety
Client feedback

I am very much happy and thankful to you that I am so much satisfied after using Aquaberry Classic RO.The quality of purification and taste of water is so natural that gives me pleasure...

Dips Bio Science Pvt Ltd, Karad

Product Specification

  • Applications

    Suitable for Purification of brakish / tab water.

  • Upto 12 ltr* (*Subject to minimum inlet pressure.)

    Purification Capacity

  • Body Material

    ABS Food Grade Plastic.

  • On the wall.


  • Dimension(mm)

    TL410 W 260 h 520.

  • 0.3kg/cm2 or 4.267 psi/ 10C.

    Inner Water Pressure / Temp(min)

  • Inner Water Pressure / Temp(max) e

    3kg/cm2 or 42.67psi/ 35C.

  • Sediment, Carbon block filter and Post carbon.

    Filter Cartridges

  • Auto Flushing system

    Yes .

  • 11 Watt.

    UV Lamp Wattage

  • Weight

    8.600 kg.

  • 15 L/hr .

    Purification Production Rate

  • Maximum Duty Cycle

    75 L/day .

  • 12 L/hr

    Storage Capacity

  • Power Consumption

    60 W .

  • Thin Film Composite RO.

    Membrane Type

  • Booster Pump Voltage

    24 V DC.

  • 100-300V-AC / 50HZ, 800mA.

    Main Voltage

*Now available at all Locations in Pune.

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