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Best Technolgy

Water Purifiers from Aquaberry combines the best of technology and expertise, to provide a wide range of products, that give utmost purity and supreme quality.

Offers superior services

Delivers a level of safety that is simply unbeatable.

Technical Support on same Day

If the customer have any issue, then it will be solved on same day by our technician.

Free standard installation

When Installation is done, their will be Feedback call from our company, for the report of satisfaction, will be noted.

*Service within 24 hours witin pune area limits

For any service, Complaint code will be generated. Technician will visit the customer's place for the call. If satisfied, then call will be closed, and if not, then after 4 hrs, call will be rescheduled.

ISO certified service network

AQUABERRY has received the highest level of certifications, for it's products, by renowned laboratories of the world. Each of our products, is a result of intensive research which represents cutting edge technology.

I am very much happy and thankful to you that I am so much satisfied after using Aquaberry Classic RO.The quality of purification and taste of water is so natural that gives me pleasure...

Dhanaji Shinde , Pune.

*Now available at all Locations in Pune.

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